Moving From A Love Relationship To A Platonic One


The world is constantly changing, which means that the way that we all look at relationships will often change right along with it. There can be a lot of complicated feelings that can come about when you become close with someone, especially where the lines get a little bit blurry in terms of love and friendship. If you start off in a romantic relationship with someone and the two of you find out that you may be better off as friends, it may be a bit of a learning curve to find just the right balance.


Friends Not Lovers


After all, if the two of you were a couple and you were intimate with one another at one point, there can be some mixed emotions as you move forward as friends. The sad reality is that there are a lot of couples that simply cannot move past the love relationship into a platonic one. If there were underlying circumstances that were a bit volatile when the love relationship ended, it can leave a bad feeling between both parties.


However, when a relationship ends on good terms, it opens up the doors for a quality platonic relationship. You want to treat a platonic relationship the same way that you would of any other friend that you have. Just be sure that you stay away from flirting or mixing up any signals that could make for an awkward situation. If the two of you want to move on from a love relationship into a platonic relationship, it will be in the best interest of both parties to lay down some ground rules.


All relationships are a journey. If you want to be able to make yours work as a platonic relationship with someone you had a deeper and more intimate connection with, it can work as long as you put the effort in.